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Saturday, April 21, 2018

"The Back Alley Boys!"


"If it's a good picture, then IT'S A MIRACLE!!!"


"The Back Alley Boys!" - The newest boys adventure group from Miracle Pictures!

From L to R: Buster McGuire, Leo Hall, Davey Dooley, Forsythe "JJ" Jones, and Joey Owens!
Follow their adventures and hi-jinks every Saturday at your local matinee theater!
And remember...
If it's a good picture, IT'S A MIRACLE!"
*insert quick, witty, toe tapping music here*

Figures from Pulp Figures PGJ18 "Boys of the Bowery"... 
"Ready for all the action, fun, adventure, and hi-jinks that only "The Back Alley Boys" can handle!"

Like all groups from the B&W, Gold and Silver Age of Tinseltown, there were separate personal histories and issues for each member of the group and despite their chemistry in front of the cameras, their real lives, away from the lenses and the directors were different.
And (as the late, great, Paul Harvey used to say): here is "The rest of the story!"

Donnie "Buster" McGuire:

Donnie "Buster" McGuire was the "tough guy" for The Back Alley Boys.  He starred in all of the pics until the series came to an end and his contract ran out. he was the story line character for any real "tough kid action", that was needed, and was always ready to solve problems and settle things with "the old one-two".  He occasionally had on screen/off screen compatibility issues with fellow gang member Leo Hall, who oddly enough was also fashioned as more of a "tough kid", but with a comedy edge which Donnie didn't have, as well as the ability to handle more complex lines of script that Leo was able to do and for which Donnie struggled with.
After The Back Alley Boys came to an end, he did some on set with the short live "L Street Gang", and then was a minor character in "Where's The Bus?", "Who Took My Cat?", and "Mrs. O'Reilly's Counterfeit Caper", (which was nothing more than a rehash of an earlier Back Alley Boys pic "Counterfeit Capers".), and then his Miracle Pictures chances seemed to dry up.
As he grew older, his temper was as hot as his fiery red hair, and he had a few minor brushes with the law.  As a result of this, his contract with Miracle Pictures was cancelled, and after much begging and pleading, he was able to sign on with Crimson Studios, as a background extra in "Hockey Rink Hi-Jinx", and "Suspect #4".
Donnie was drafter into the US Army in early 1942, and trained at Fort Benning before being assigned to the US 3rd Infantry Division. 
Private First Class Donnie "Buster" McGuire was killed in May 1944 during the Anzio Campaign in Italy.
He is buried in his family plot in Yonkers, New York.

Leo Hall:

 After the third Back Alley Boys short, "Diner Dizziness", the producers at Miracle Pictures came to the grim realization that Donnie "Buster" McGuire just simple couldn't handle more complex bits of character lines. 
"Sure, Buster's a great kid and all, and he really has that one-two punch and his "go for it" all down and such, but..." Carter MacGuffin, Head of Miracle Pictures at the time, once said during a meeting at his office; " ...being who he is, we've noticed that he has some problems with some of the lines we write for him. We need to have a kid that is tough and can read and say what we tell him to read and say..."
And enter, Leo Hall.
Leo Hall was the "tough comedy relief" for The Back Alley Boys. He starred in the pics starting with picture #4, ("Cat Burglar Craziness"), and continued until the end of the series.  With his trademark hat, and his fast method of speaking, as well as his ability to put on a tough front, he provided some snappy comedy relief whereas Buster McGuire was there for the muscle and the simple lines.
His most memorable parts in the films were his scenes from "Down On The Docks", where he was trying to convince Patrol Sergeant O' Hara that there was a sea monster in the harbor, (which according to the script changed sometime during the filming in a German U-Boat, but the earlier shots were never corrected), and his scenes from "School Dance" where he and Donnie were competing to take the ever charming Susie Sinclair (Played by the ever charming Miss Susan Page); which actually caused some of the initial problems between Leo and Donnie. 
Leo had a very short lived, off-screen romance with with upcoming young starlet Annie Peters, which according to rumor, what quashed for business reasons by the Miracle Pictures Studios Executives fearing "Bad Press".
After The Back Alley Boys came to an end, he signed on with Miracle for "Uncle Johnny's Christmas", and was a minor character in "My Name Is Lester".
Seeing that his options for motion pictures were fading fast, Leo, made an easy switch over to radio, where he found moderate success in broadcasts at radio station WURM. He was a frequent extra on the comedy bits for the "City Saturday Night Variety Show", (which was also frequented by Shorty McGuire and His Fly-By-Night Orchestra.)
When WWII came around, Leo enlisted in the US Navy and instead of seeing action, he was assigned to San Diego, and spent his stint helping with the War Bond Drives.
After the war, he returned to radio, and then moved onto television where he appeared in "Uncle Johnny's Happy Hour", (a daily show of children's entertainment which included songs, games, puppets, cartoons and a man wearing a chicken suit.)
He retired from the entertainment world in 1958, moved to Iowa where he opened a small successful chain of hamburger restaurants throughout Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. While in Des Moines, he married Dorothy Gallaver and they had three children, (two boys and a girl).
Leo Hall died in 1968 due to complications of Pneumonia and is buried next to his wife in Des Moines, Iowa.

Forsythe "JJ" Jones: 

Forsythe "JJ" Jones, was the scripted "Wise Cracking Jokester Wise Guy" for The Back Alley Boys. Always wearing his trademark whoopee cap, and armed with a practical joke, a variety of gag items, (whoopee cushions, buzzer rings, itching and sneezing powders, etc.), and an endless supply of one liners, JJ,  provided the wise cracking comedy fun that seemed to highlight and be prevalent in the films. 
His greatest contribution and most memorable scene was "The Yodeling Pickle" from "High School Dance", (which was a later rehash of the earlier "School Dance" short made by the Boys). The scene was so well received and done that Miracle tried to use it again in a couple of Back Alley Boys pics, but found out that the audience wasn't as receptive the second and third time around, and in fact was slightly annoyed with it. Despite his ability to deliver one liners and work well with the scripts he was given, JJ was essentially what was known as a "one trick pony". His "Jokester" persona for the Back Alley Boys essentially typecast him and he was unable to successfully break out of the mold that he had been poured into and created from.
Disappointed with the few parts that he was able to get after the end of The Back Alley Boys, (including the one disastrous short "From The Heart" in which he plays a character that is in love with the character played by the ever charming Miss Susan Page), he was angry at the script as the writers had tried to write in some of the "JJ Jokester" persona, (to include the whoopee cap).  His final interview with Various Variety Magazine showed some of his frustration at the industry, ("All the parts they give me...are essentially the same character! Every time!!").
He left the motion picture world in disgust and moved back to the East Coast as a result of him never being given a real chance to prove himself and his qualities as an actor before the cameras, and as a result decided that "he was done with it once and for all".
And from the records it seems that he succeeded.
From here, his history is lost as he essentially vanished out of the sight, and minds of fans and the industry alike. However an unconfirmed story and rumor is that later on in life he married a lady named Ophelia Muggs and lived the rest of his life quietly in upstate New York.

David "Davey" Dooley:

David "Davey" Dooley was the self scripted and styled leader of "The Back Alley Boys". 
While he was smaller in physical size than Donnie or Leo, he made up for it with his nice looks, good charisma, charming smile, and a surprisingly good singing voice. Many a young gal was a member of "The Davey Dooley Fan Club" during the heyday of The Back Alley Boys.
In retrospect, it was Davey's charisma and charm that seemed to fix many of the on screen/off screen issues that arose from a bunch of teenage boys on a movie set. Whenever there was an issue (usually with Buster or Leo), Davey would try to "fix it" before it got up to the studio execs. He was known for saying "You might be flexing your muscles and feeling your oats, but that's not YOUR name on the bottom of my paycheck, so cut the crap!"
Davey did a few radio and ballroom appearances, including a couple with Miss Diana Midnight, who found out how easily she could embarrass him and make him stutter and blush. It was rumored that Davey had "a tremendous crush on her", but of course it was all rumors and fun and games. After the end of The Back Alley Boys though, Davey realized that his heart really wasn't into making motion pictures any longer.
During the war, he attempted to enlist as a pilot in The Army Air Corps, but was turned down due to balance issues. The Navy also rejected him for having "A trick knee".
Undaunted he worked hard for The War Department in their war bond drives.
After the war, he went to college and graduated from USC in 1947 with a degree in business.
He went into the insurance industry and spent the rest of his life in Los Angeles.
He never married or had children.
He was active with various children's medical groups, and helped with the Jerry Lewis MS Telethons in the early 1970's.
In what was to be his last interview in 1987, and upon reflecting upon his life, he was asked the question; "Why he never married?"
With the famous and charming "Davey Dooley Grin", that set many a young girls hearts throbbing back in the old days, he grinned and shrugged and said "Aw shucks! What kind of girl would want to marry a guy like me?"
Surprisingly, after his death in late 1987, within his personal effects, it was discovered that he had a tremendous amount of written letters to Miss Diana Midnight for many years and that they had an amazing multi-decade written correspondence. Indeed it is easy to say that Diana Midnight was Davey's "one and only love that was never to be." He carried a torch in his heart for her for the rest of his life.
David "Davey" Dooley died in late 1987 and is buried in Eternal Glory Cemetery, in Los Angeles, California.

*EDITORS NOTE: The correspondence between Davey and Diana has been collected and will soon be released in an upcoming book titled "Mailbox Romance - The Multi-Decade Correspondence Between David "Davey" Dooley and Miss Diana Midnight."

Joey Owens: 

Joey Owens was originally just scheduled to be a backup character on The Back Alley Boys, but after the accident in which the piano fell on Dickie Yancy, the staff at Miracle moved him into the line up. Joey was a natural and was able to move quickly and quip his lines out with smooth ease, and soon became a valued member of the cast. Quiet and unassuming, Joey knew that "As long as he did this job and kept his nose clean the paychecks would keep coming."; so he made sure to steer clear of any potential issues, (especially those between Buster and Leo).
Joey also had a cousin in his family that won a gold medal in the 1936 Olympics.
After the end of The Back Alley Boys, Joey left the industry and joined the US Navy. He was in Florida when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and soon found himself in the Pacific, where he served throughout the war and was awarded The Purple Heart for being wounded during The Battle of The Coral Sea.
After the war he remained in the US Navy until 1954 when an accident on-board the USS Atlanta resulted in him being injured and medically retired from the US Navy.
He returned back to California and became a teacher, a writer, and a civil rights activist.  Despite his personal feelings towards the American involvement in Vietnam, he chose not to get personally involved in the anti-war movement.
He married in 1969 and lived quietly in Los Angeles; teaching, reading, and publishing two books of poetry and short stories ("Where The Doorknob Is", and "Tales From The Bus Stop").  After his retirement as a teacher, he took up model railroading and spent his happy days of retirement with his wife, and family, and his beloved and ever expanding model train layout in the basement of his home.
In 1994, he was rediscovered by author William Dunfrey, who was writing about "The Back Alley Boys", and other kids group movies.  As a result of this, Joey was invited to be a special guest at the "LA Serial Con and Celebrity Show", (a gathering of old movie buffs and stars that sold autographs and other memorabilia), and received a standing ovation, and a plaque of honor of "Movie-Buff Appreciation", upon his introduction.
"I never ever knew that so many people still remember me, and the rest of the gang known as "The Back Alley Boys". I know that they would be honored and proud to know this." He said as he wiped away tears of emotion. 
Joey Owens was the last surviving member of "The Back Alley Boys",and died peacefully in his sleep in 1997.
Oddly (and warmly) enough, he is buried nearby (six graves away), from his on-screen friend, and fellow Back Alley Boys member, David "Davey" Dooley, in Eternal Glory Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Update Feb-March: Part 4: "More figures, Hobby Lobby, and a trip to the ER..."

 So as this multi-part update continues...

More figures to paint....

So with some of the figures done, it was (once again), time to reach into the "drawers of stuff", and pull out some for the next batch that is queued.

So let's see what is coming up eh?

The first one is a Reaper Chronoscope "Dorothy".
This is an interesting figure although I wished they would've given the option of a picnic basket also.
Since I had done "The NSFW Witch" I thought, "Why not Dorothy?"...

That's right Toto (the dog and not the band), She's not in Kansas anymore...

 And then the next was a pack from the Old Westwind "Vampire Wars" line.  Always need some 19th Century Female Victims. (I painted these up pretty quickly...)

Victims, Clues, or Objective Markers? Your guess is as good as mine...

And another Reaper Chronoscope. I swear this nurse is up to no good...

Time to take your...."medicine"...

So a part of me was getting tired of the "Pulpy" stuff that I have been doing and in doing so, ended up pulling out a pack of Foundry Pirates!  Arrrr!  Now THAT'S the stuff!!!!

Oooooh...these guys will paint up nicely...

And then ANOTHER Reaper figure...however this one is from their "Savage Worlds" line.

You can never have too many dames with a gun...I think...

And yet ANOTHER Reaper! But this time a fantasy figure from their Dark Heaven Legends line...
And ooooooooooooohhhh....a dancing girl...*sigh*

Aye...with just a wiggle and a shimmy, she can captivate an audience...

And then I decided on a custom figure.
See I got out a pack of the great stuff from Pulp Figures, in this case pack PMX02 from their Western/Mexican Revolution Line.
This one gunslinger kept giving me the eye, and well...I got thinking....and scheming...

He's kinda got...."that look"...

So then I got to thinking..."What could I do to him?"
And then.....THIS...popped into my brain.

Yeps...I decided to do a version of Marvel Comics "The Rawhide Kid".  Although this version is well...a bit "light" in his boots...
You can go ahead and use mind bleach now...

So...*ahem*...with that all behind us....Let's move on...
Next stop...Hobby Lobby!!!!

Hobby Lobby!!!!!

I'll admit it. 
My wife, and I, both love Hobby Lobby.
With that being said, we always try to make the best out of the deals. For me the best part is when they discount their paints even more and put their high quality brushes on sale.

So naturally when they had "a sale", we went.

Yay! Hobby Lobby!

And I got some nice brushes that were on sale...

Good paint brushes are like can never, ever, have enough...

And picked up some paints. The burnt umber paint is one that I go through a lot of due to weathering and base colors and groundwork.

All the colors of the rainbow....or maybe not...

On top of this, I needed to buy another set of brass rods as the ones I had previously disappeared in the clutter. The brass rods are being used as bars for the customization of the Knuckleduster Jail that I have been slowly working on. (Note to self: Never do a "from scratch" customization of a Knuckleduster building ever again...)

Bars for the cell....

So that was the end of my recent Hobby Lobby purchase...

And then something happened...

So on March 11th I got to feeling a little "not well" in the chest area...
My wife being concerned for my health, decided to take me into ER to get "checked out".
Once there, they looked at me and said "Get him inside..."
And so I spent the night at IU West ER.

I'd rather be at a Holiday Inn Express....Comfy it wasn't....

And naturally they did this...

I've had so many in this arm, I have a permanent tap I think...

After a night and morning of tests, I had good news and bad news.

Good news:

"It's not a heart attack."

Bad news:

1: I have the beginning initial signs of Dystolic Heart Dysfunction.

2: I am just in the crossover range of Type II Diabetes.

So welcome aboard the health and lifestyle change train!

With my wife, we've decided to lose weight, and change our lifestyle.  We need to lose weight or die...

And then the next weekend when I was home, I started a new project...(but that's for another time)...

More to come!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Update Feb-March: Part 3: " Booze, Figures, and A Game Store Review"

So as Feb slowly ended and rolled into March, the first thing on my plate was my wonderful wife's (Gawd bless her!) birthday.
Cards, presents, and roses for her as she truly deserves it.

Roses and being a good husband...

And then that weekend, I decided that I needed to "rearrange my liquor shelf". It had gotten to be a bit on the chaotic side with bottles of hooch everywhere, so I decided to "organize.
First was the whiskies/whiskey's/bourbons...
*(Note: The Wild Turkey Rare Breed was bought in December of 2006 and has yet to be opened. I'm saving it for a special occasion), and the Fireball is NOT mine...yuk.

And then, next up was the rums...

And then I finally put it all back together, along with the other stuff...

But now...back to figures!

Figures and painting: 

So we are back to figures.
With the Halloween stuff out of the way, I went back to my pulp stuff.
First up is one of the figures from Crucible Crush's amazing "Cthulhu 28's" line. This is from the "Arkham Investigators".  I wanted to try this figure out as she presented me the challenge of learning to paint "sheer stockings".
I think I was able to get them to a passable look, don't you think?
(Oh and a B&W Noir pic is included)....

Dressed for an elegant evening of socializing at a RSVP party hosted by that gallivanting wealthy playboy, Edward Winder; the ever lovely Miss Barbara Kane was able to slip away unnoticed and find the secret passage that led to the tunnels below. Armed with her trusty pistol, she moved slowly through the ominous passageway, unaware of the trap that was soon to be sprung upon her by Edward and his henchmen.... 

And what kind of town, (Pulp or Western) would there be without a "Chinatown" section?
This set is from that amazing Pulp Figures line, (and once again, I must say, they are fantastic) and can easily be used in so many genres.
Four of the five figures from the line.

Seems we have a conversation going on here...Let's listen in shall we?

Lo-Fat and Wang Chung are discussing “Where they can find a Chinese girl with green eyes...”

 And when I was done with those, I moved onto some more Old West style figures.
These are from Wargames Foundry (or "Foundry" for short), and are from their Mexican Peons/Peasants Range.
Some new population for Chili Verde???

First off we have the Senors!
Juan and Pablo...waiting to see what happens next...or when the tamales are done....

Pedro and Sancho...Pedro waiting for his daily butt chewing from the love of his life, and Sancho just taking a siesta and waiting for the tamales to be done....

And now the Senora's/Senorita's...

The ladies of the group...

Maria, and Alda carry their water jugs to the local well...

While Margarita waits rolling her eyes in disbelief at the latest explanation from Pancho for his latest blunder, while Teresa carries a basket of fruit from the orchard to her casa...

It was after getting these done and placed that I had realized that I haven't taken a picture of my display case in a while. So I decided to do so, to see what it looked like.
There are six figures in here that I did not paint. The rest are done by yours truly here.
I will admit, it IS impressive to look at sometimes.

I am quickly running out of room on these shelves!!!!

However it's not all fun and games...
March is also not only my wife's birthday but also the birthday of my sister, whom I never knew.

She was born and died at the age of 2 1/2 years and was buried 6 years before I was even born.
I never knew her, but I think of her every day.


Okay so this is where I take a quick break from posting my "What I painted", and give you the lowdown skinny on a game store that has recently (within the past year), opened up here in the Indy area.
Lately there has been an increase in game stores in the local area, (and it kind of reminds me of the heyday back in the 80's).  Most of the stores have been focused on CCGs, RPG's and Euro-style boardgames, which are great, but when it comes to miniatures, it's few and far in between.
Enter "Sinclair Games".

Sinclair games fills the niche created for a store that is more miniatures focused.
I had been trying to get up to the Carmel area to see them for a few months but life always seemed to intrude.
Finally I did make it.

First off is the address taken off of the website:

Sinclair Games
112 W Carmel Drive
Carmel, IN. 46032

PH: 317-815-4800

Carmel is an area slightly N/NE of Indy. It's (in)famous for it's lack of stoplights, and it's massive use of roundabouts, (which most people in Indiana are completely clueless to the concept of and treat them like they were four way stops), so getting there was a bit of an adventure.
The store is small and there isn't a lot of signage. It's tucked away in a retail/industrial/office strip mall/plaza of sorts.
Entering the store I found something that was good for me. While most stores that "did minis" pretty much focused on the "big things" (GW, FoW, etc), Sinclair also focused on other brands. True there were FoW things there, but there was also Reaper, Pathfinder, Bolt Action, Malifaux, Great Escape, etc,, and it was a welcome relief.
I will admit that the store IS small. Don't expect a massive size retail area or a dozen score rows of stock, But with their small size I was very pleased. They do have some RPG stuff, and a nice but small selection of board games. They also have a great selection of paints and hobby tools that we all seem to need in this horrible hobby of ours.

So to show how pleased i was, I spent money.

The first thing I bought was the "North American Store" by Perry Miniatures.
(Authors Note: I am currently working on this and am having very mixed feelings about it...more to come on that one.)

And I scooped up the Coppers set for TCW...

 And of course, I grabbed some more paints, (including some restocks of ones that were going empty), to use.  The German Black Brown, Medium Cam Brown, and the English Uniform are very common colors that I seem to put to a lot of use. 

And I picked up some Army Painter Quick Shade Soft Tone to go with the Strong Tone.

And I picked up some scenery. The ground tufts always helps bases and groundwork look better. 

All in all, Sinclair Games is a good up and coming store. The only drawback I see to it is the difficult location to get to, (not as bad as when Little Wars of Houston moved from The Katy Fwy to K'dale and was almost impossible to get to though). It's just one of those things that "you have to find out which is the best way for you to get there. I'm hoping that they will be successful and will grow in the coming years. I will support them with my business as I like their variety.

More to come!

Update Feb-March: Part 2: " Halloween Horror Figures and such"

As promised, we are moving onto Part 2:

Of the tons of my figures, I always have liked painting up "Halloween Style" figures for games and running Halloween style/Horror games. Unfortunately in the last few years, Halloween always seems to get crowded by "other stuff" also known as "real life" at times.
However, that doesn't keep me from wanting to paint figs for the atmosphere, (as well as painting figures)....
So here for your viewing pleasure dear readers are some of the recent, Halloween themed figures I've been doing recently....

Figures and painting: 

NOTE: Once again the figures shown have a glossy/shine look to them in the pics. This is far from how they actually are, and the shine is a result of the OTT light reflecting off of them.

First off, we have a Reaper "Classic Vampire" style. He would make a good "Classic Strahd" from the old AD&D Ravenloft adventure.  I did a color pic and a Noir style B&W for him (for honor of the old classic vampire films)...

I'll be honest with you by saying that he was NOT an easy figure to paint. What he lacked in figure detail, he made up for in complexity. I think the worst part was that I just could not get a good color on the ladies clothing to make her look good. I think I repainted her five or six times before I went with the metallic blue-gold trimmed outfit. That finally came out best.

Next up...a simple Halloween marker...

This is simply an additional piece to a Reaper Witch figure. It makes a good plot hook piece, or an objective marker, or any other little item that will garner attention from wandering players.

Next up was something that I needed, for fantasy games and regular Pulp/Horror games, and that was skeletal guards.
A long time ago, there was some fantastic adventure movies about Sinbad that were produced. The special effects were stop motion modelling by a man named Ray Harryhausen. Now for those of you in the under 30 crowd, most of you won't know about this, as all of this was done before CGI and graphics and computer interface effects designs, and green screens, etc.
Stop motion was the process of taking a model and moving it one small bit, then shooting a frame, then moving it again, and shooting a frame, and so one. It was long and time consuming process but in the end produced an extremely cool and creepy effect of movement from things such as these skeleton guards below:

The skeletons always fascinated me and they just looked "evil" when I found a set of three from Reaper "Bones" I decided to go with them.
After all, one can never have enough temple/tomb guards....

Reaper Skeletons mounted on my standard 1/4" Fender Washer bases. A quick paint job and they are ready to go!

And then I went ahead and did the same thing with a set of mummies...

One of the things that always seems to strike fear into the hearts of man and trick-or-treater during the Halloween season are scarecrows and "scary pumpkins".
In this case we have Reapers "Pumpkin Horror"

"The October season brings the last of the late harvests. The cornfield shocks are brown and dry and the first of the chill winds blow across the fields. 
It's the time for candles, colorful leaves, and Halloween.
It's the time for when the humans come out to the pumpkin patches and snatch up the innocent pumpkins and carry them with malicious glee back to their hovels.
The poor pumpkins unsuspecting of their gruesome fates, are helpless to defend themselves as they are sliced, carved, and gutted in manners most obscene. The innards of the poor victims used as pie fillings and "pumpkin spice". Their bodies; used as decorative art pieces for a human ritual which includes candles lighting their poor gruesome remains to the delightful squeals of the two legged costumed brats that scamper about from hovel to hovel in cheap costumes begging for sweets from the murderous homeowners.
And each year, one faithful friendly acolyte waits in the pumpkin patch beneath the light of the moon, and stays true to the faith. The other kids always make fun of him, but he stays true to the cause.
He shall be spared, but the loudmouthed whiny little blonde that calls him "her sweet babboo" , and the bothersome beagle in the ancient flying attire, shall be dealt with...
For the others....The cries of his pumpkin family and friends have once again, brought the spirit of Freddie,The Pumpkin Horror; back to the pumpkin patch to avenge the horrible murders rendered upon his family.
They carved first...
Now it's HIS turn..."

And where would Halloween stuff be without witches???

First a nice RAFM "classic witch", cooking up a cauldron of "something"....

"Bubble, bubble...Toil and trouble...Gin and Tonic...Make it a double!!!" (or something like that...)

 And then there is *ahem*, "Another style of Witch"...
This one is from the Reaper Chronoscope line...

And finally, I completed my evil scarecrow.
This is from the Reaper Bones Line and is known as "Gauntfield".
A nice color and a classic Noir/B&W pic...

Figure by Reaper Bones
Base is a 1 1/2" fender washer
Static Grass by GF9
Paints by Vallejo and blood on blade by Games Workshop "Blood for the blood god"...

Okay that's it for Part II folks.
Stay tuned for Part III where it gets really interesting....