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Saturday, April 23, 2011

An award, and some stuff I've built!

Wow, a long overdue update.
First off, I'm registered to run a Bongolesian Themed Game at Origins 2011 this year in Columbus Ohio. It's a late night game called "Coup Coup Ka'choo!" and there will be prizes award to the winning player.

Because of this I've been busy as all, building stuff for Bongolesia, including beaches, airport towers, The Presidential Palce, and more...

And imagine my surprise when I found out that my Bongolesia Blog got awarded "The Stylish Blogger Award!"

Yeps I'm proud.

You can also cruise quickly to the site and see my construction efforts. I am going to be posting them here later on, because I want to get more done and up.

Comments are appreciated...