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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A long, overdue update....'s been 3 1/2 MONTHS, since my last update on this site, and so much has happened that I do not even know where to begin.
I will just instead slap this blurb up and follow up with seperate entries to get more detail or else it would be information overload for a lot of folks and one uber long blog.
On the gaming front:
1: I didn't make it to Origins, and had to cancel my game. "Real Life" kicked in.
2: I made it to Gencon, and took pics, and played a bad FoW demo in which my opponent openly cheated, and the demo was essentially, "Lets see how quickly the Germans can kick the British butts..."
3: Uber thrilled that Rebel Minis released a "Bongolesia" supplement for their "Modern Havok" rules.
4: Havent done much in the realm of gaming, building or painting as my paint table etc, is all crammed in my office right now...due to my daughter now living in my game room.

Real Life:
1: Mostly unemployed.
2: Mostly broke.
3: Buried my dad (stepfather), but he was more of my father to me than my real dad.
4: Went to Virginia and realized that I'm not really part of the family.
5: Did the Conner Prairie reenactment in May and messed up my knee.
6: Have my daughter and her boyfriend move into our house from Louisiana, (Lost the game room), and now boyfriend has skipped out.

And on that part, I think I shall close this, and then start the eventual updating entries...
Wish me luck folks...

More to come...I'm sure of it....