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Saturday, January 5, 2013

My 2013 Project List...

Okay so this is post #2 in this years blog entries and I have already tied the total post count for 2012.
Sad huh?

One of the things about gamer's (especially us poor misaligned confused mini gamers) is that we need to have some sort of outline or list of projects that we need to do for the year. Like the "Code of Piracy" it's going to be more of a "guidelines" tell the truth, it's more like it's going to be written, planned, re-written and editted, and finalized and then as our fickle minds change, it's going to be changed or ignored altogether, and then at the end of the year when we are looking around at half a dozen (or more) half completed projects, we are going to wonder "But I made a list!!! What happened?"

So here is my Project list for 2013: (and I am trying to be as realistic as possible.)


  1. Finish the Bongolesian Presidential Palace.  This thing has been in a state of flux since 2009...driving me crazy.
  2. Finish the Airport
  3. Finish the Harbor
  4. Finish a couple of generic "Govt. Buildings".  
  5. Finish my USMC landing force. (essentially paint the tanks, and get some wheeled vehicles).
(Note: These are imperative for my Origins game..)

If I get time, I'd also like to add in more roads and the soccer field.
Also on the list:
  1.   Paint the M24's for "The Mysterious Fandango Republic"...

In the 28mm field:

  1. Build the Nazi UFO.for pulp games
  2. Build the "Pacific Ballroom/South Seas Club" for pulp games  
  3. Paint up some more 28mm pirate figs and build some ships.
I'm also looking at the GW Gardens of Morr set....I'm thinking about how nice that would be to have to use in a "Horror/Pulp setting...

So that's my list....and as usual, it will be horribly ignored by February....

Here's hoping I can at least get most of these done....

*fingers crossed*


Ray Rousell said...

Let's hope you can at least double last years post numbers then!

Chris said...

Pictures? Especially of the airport!