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Sunday, October 2, 2016

October's gray skies....

September has passed and October is here.
Recently I had to go back up to Kenosha to do some work at one of my sites.
While there, the weather turned cool and the skies changed into the "cloudy gray skies" that I find so enchanting (yeah I know I am weird that way).

Here's a pic of the skies changing as I am walking down Sixth Street in Kenosha:

And the drive home, the next day you could see the storm front hanging right above:

The best part was that I was able to pick up some figures after a quick stop at the game store that I call "The Tombs",
Since October is on it's way I am in kind of a Halloweeny mode and decided on some figures with a theme or at least "a look":
First up, "Sallah - Arabian Hero":  A very "Sindbad-ish" style figure.

A really nice figures. I am kind of wishing that I had two of him, because the second one would become a statue...

Last year, I painted up the eerie scarecrow "Gauntfield", and liked him, so I decided I needed a "new" Halloween Horror.
And enter stage right comes "Freddie" - The Pumpkin Horror:

"Fresh from the unblessed soil of the unholy pumpkin patch, "Freddie" wanders the night seeking revenge and vengeance upon those spoiled fat children that disembowel and mutilate his defenseless pumpkin friends and family with ghoulish glee..."

And to top it off, I was able to pick up a nice Black Tree Designs (BTD) "Witch Burning Set", This was the old former "Ackland Accessories Set", which was acquired by BTD when Ackland went out of business.

This set is a little rougher in casting than the rest, (almost a mid-late 80's- early 90's casting feel and look to it), and I am going to need to add some bases and perhaps some "embellishments" for it. 
So here's hoping I can get some paint on these in time for "The Season"....

More to come, as always...

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