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Monday, May 29, 2017

"Building A Western Town:" The Paradise Saloon...

So as you dear reader can see, I've been a bit "busy"...

Taking advantage of a quiet Sunday and finally finishing up this morning, I went ahead completed building #4 of my Western town. 
And may I present to you "The Paradise Saloon".


This is another one of the TCL buildings that was sold by Knuckleduster before they remove the line. As it is, it's a nice kit, but like the others, just cries for customization.
Construct was amazingly easy on it, and so was painting and weathering as the wood does take paint and weathering effects very well.

This will probably be one of my last "Garishly colored" buildings for the town, as paint was expensive back then. So the others might get some color trim or cheap whitewash.

This building came with "furniture", (a bar/shelving/counter), and two tables (no chairs). As this is their "lower class saloon", (and thus for a rougher crowd), most of the "frilly stuff" isn't there.
But it sill could have some customizing done to make it look better.
For this bit, I added "glass" for the windows; (Clear plastic from clam shell blisters).
I replace the small wooden sign with a local designed one.

The front of the joint. Looks inviting, doesn't it?

The right side showing the weathering, faded paint, and areas that weren't painted.

The left side, showing the same weathering effects and... Oops! looks like they ran out of paint!

Removing the roof and looking inside. Here you can see the bar and the interior layout. I also modified the back door to be a "solid door". All of these buildings come with open panel doors for 'glass" but since that would be too expensive a piece of plastic-card painted and glued in makes an excellent flat panel.

Another view of the interior showing the flooring and weathering.

A side view showing the interior and the Sam Houston portrait that I added to the wall.

A side view of the right interior with the *ahem* "artwork", and the "NO SPITTING" sign.

A quick peek at the *ahem*...."artwork"....

No Spitting...on the sign, the floor, or each other...

A look at the interior from the back.

After this, I decided to do a street comparison: 

My town so far. Not bad really...

And then I decided to add some figures....

"Ol' Jebediah Gitt, is involved in a lively "disagreement" with Mrs. Alice Rutherford, of the Local Ladies Temperance Society, over "The evils of The Devil's Liquor."

Albert Whitley the IVth looks through the window at all the goings on inside....

Let's pass through these swinging doors and see what's going on, shall we?

As we can see, this building has a lot of floor room and can hold a lot of figures and furnishings.  Hmm..seems the place is pretty busy tonight....

Some of the patrons, and the portrait of Sam Houston...

Yes sir-ee! Seems to be a real hootenanny going on in the saloon as "The French Flower", the sultry, Miss Angelique, (accompanied by Sam, the piano player), enchants the audience with the hauntingly romantic lyrics "Je t'aimerai au-delĂ  de la tombe ..."

All in all this was an easy kit to assemble, customize, and paint.
More will be coming.
Stay tuned!

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