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Sunday, September 3, 2023

"Much ado about nothing...." (July and August update)....


One moment it's June and now suddenly in the blink of an eye, it's September.

Well, to be honest, it wasn't that fast.

But still.

I feel horribly guilty as I haven't really done much of anything gaming wise, painting wise, or hobby wise in any method or manner whatsoever. July and August just seemed to take the wind out of my sails. 

But some things were indeed done. 

So now I am catching up with a mixed July, August, and early September update.

New Fridge!

My wonderful wife and travelled to the big blue big box store in July and wandered around. She was looking for a new keyboard, and while there, I caught their small fridges on sale.
I went ahead and bought one and had it delivered. 
So I upgraded the game room fridge and moved the smaller cube fridge upstairs to my office.
Is it a bit ostentatious to say that we now technically have three refrigerators in our house?
The new fridge is a nice upgrade that holds more drinks.

(Say hello to "Helga"....)

(Well stocked with tasty drinks...)


As "Spooky Season" does seem to be coming around, I am looking at running a FFG "Fury of Dracula" game. 
One of the things that I never have liked is the amount of card piles haphazardly placed around the table. So to make things more organized, I decided to take an idea from another FoD player and make myself a couple of cardholders in "Mausoleum/Crypt" style.

It's just four pieces of basswood cut with my Dremel and then glue together. Once the glue is done, I get to do the grayish stone painting of them. I am also going to end up painting the figures for the board. 4th Edition actually provided painted figures but you can't find it anywhere for sale under 250 bucks.

(A nice little extra to the game. Card crypts! And one of the FFG figures for size/scale on the side...)

Spooky Season Shopping

So yesterday my wonderful wife and I went "Early Spooky Season Shopping" at Michael's. I do so love it when they put out this stuff.
I bought myself an "All seeing eye".

To be honest I was actually thinking of buying two of them and calling them "The Eyes of Laura Mars", but I am not sure how many people would understand or even remember where that came from.

So for right now that's about it. More to come later this month as figures are getting sealed, and more are getting painted.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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