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Saturday, January 6, 2024

Cleaning the room and....a discovery!!!

 So with the new year here and upon us, I embarked upon a bold quest.

My painting area, and the entire room was a chaotic shambles.

It was time for me to buckle down and go down there and clean it, organize it, and get an idea of what I need to do for this year.

Well...clean it at least.

Stuff was "everywhere", and everywhere was "stuff"....

(Oh many projects and things being worked on, and utter chaos....)

(To include a broken chair...sigh...)

(So much "stuff"...)

And then after a little over an hour, all was clean!

("Dis place don't look half bad!")

("This looks like the place where someone like me can actually get some work done on figures here. Wait...what am I saying???")

All in all I was quite please with how it turned out. It DID need a massive assault on the carpet by the vacuum cleaner though, but it came out well.

A Discovery!!!!

One of the things about having massive amounts of miniatures (unpainted that is), is that eventually things get "lost, or misplaced", and sometimes just "forgotten". 
Case in point. 
While organizing the room, I came across a large plastic zip-lock bag, which was taped closed.
"Hmmm..." Sez I.
I open the bag and lo and behold, missing figures! 
(As well as some figures I had forgotten I had...)
First up was three bags of 28mm figures from Eureka.
100CIV28: Frederick the Great playing flute, and accompanied by the howling of his dogs.
(I posted pics of what they look like in the bags, as well as what they look like out of the bags on the Eureka site.
Also the top bag is 100CIV30 "Frederick the Great and Voltaire discussing issues"


The next bag was 100CIV29 "18th Century String Quartet".


They're ready to do dedications, and take requests of all the hottest hits of the early 1700's. Hang onto your powdered wigs people, these guys are gonna rock your ears off!

And of course, I found the majority of an Old Glory purchase I made decades Old, that I got once again for Christmas.  "Fat Governor and his Creepy Assistants"

(More Aristocrat's to rule and ruin your life...)

And so, more figures to get ready and to paint!
I'm going to be very, VERY  busy this year with the brush!
And Reaper starts shipping their B6 KS in April!!!!

Thanks for reading!
More to come!

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daveb said...

What a fantastic discovery. I can't wait to see the notables all painted up.