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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update, no pics, and another blog by me...

Wow...September is gone already, and we are in the third week of October?!?!..
Okay dear reader, time for a quick update.
Unfortunately recently due to the fact that I am now employed (hooray!), I've lost more time to do "things I want to do" (sniff), and on top of that, my camera died, (crap). So I need to get a replacement so I can go ahead and get up and posting more pics.
So no current pics right now.
Projects on the table:
1: The SS Rattlehead is in it's third stage of building. With the hull and deck complete, now it's time for the superstructure, and deck fittings., then final paint job, and done!

2: I'm updating the Bongolesian Victory Arch!. I've decided that I cannot find a chariot like the one on top of the Brandenburg Gate, so I wandered down to Michaels Arts and Crafts and found a nice rubber/plastic Eagle. From that one, I have primed him, and mounted him on a base while will fit on top of the monument and make it look more "Official"...oh, and the eagle will be painted gold...(go figure).

3: I orded figs from Brookhurst. 12 packs of 15mm Perter Pig figs, plus a T-55 and a M113, and a copy of their CW Battles Ruleset. I'd like to get back into ACW gaming here soon.

Speaking of ACW, my other hobby (reenacting), is over with for the season, and in doing so I thought I would go ahead and make a small blog of my exploits there. So here is the link to that:

That way I can keep my general gaming stuff here, my acw reenacting stuff there, and my site dedicated to Bongolesia seperate from all the other madness...or so I think.


Okay, more to come as the seasons change and the pumpkins are out!

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