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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Los Federales!!!!

Good morning dear reader!
Holy cow, update #4 for this month, (what's wrong with me???)....

Before I decided to do my last minute work packing and get going on my first of two back to back work trips, I decided to get some better WIP shots of my Mexican Federales.
I am especially proud of these guys.
They still need their flocking, and sealing but other than a few touch ups also, they are pretty much good to go!
One of the things that I have a love/hate relationship with when it comes to photographing minis is that you can paint it "perfectly"...Take a photo, (a good photo). and the first time you see it, your eye is immediately drawn to "that one spot" on the figure that somehow, someway, missed being painted and is still bare metal, or primer...grrr...
So the camera can show you what you missed. In this case, I am going to also have to do a wash on the bandoleers, to help them stand out from just being a "khaki strip"...

And now presenting to you, The Mexican Federales; "La Compania De Los Chihuahua Feroces"; ie: "The Company Of The Fierce Chihuahuas".... 

(Federales Mexicanos El Capitan Maximilian Empanada, (the hearthrob of senoritas everywhere), stands ready to do what needs to be done for "Meh-hee-co", (and perhaps put a few extra pesos in his pocket along the way).....)

(Federales Sergente Arturo Fuente, is the "Professional NCO" of the unit; Leading his men by example, experience, and his proficiency in finding tamales wherever they may be....)

(Federales Corporal Jose Cuervo, keeping the commands with the bugle..)

(Private S. Gonzales rushes to the sound of action, or the scent of  good tamales. While he is usually a dependable soldier, he does have a bad habit of getting caught up in the excitement and has been known to start jumping up and down and screaming gibberish.)

(Private S.P. Rodriguez moves at his usual speed of "slow"...)

(Private Juan Valdez is the best shot in the unit, and he also makes the best coffee....)

(The Federales occupy a building....if you can call it that...)

When I come back I am going to crop the last photo, and in good old photoshop, I am going to try a sepia tone and give it that "old look"...

Hope you enjoyed.
Next up....The Banditos!!!!

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Jay said...

Vivan los chihuahuas!