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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Packing up the Display Case Figures and Other Stuff....

As we continue into this chaotic mess known as "pre-planning/pre-packing, and pre-staging" for our upcoming move, one of my biggest projects is "Moving all of my gaming stuff".  Truly this is going to be a Herculean effort as I simply have "a lot of toys". Not as many as some but still...enough.
One of the task I have before me was to pack up my painted 28mm figures that I had in my display case for storage/transport. The case is over 6 feet tall and originally came with three shelves, (we've added four more since them, and have two more that can go in), and is packed with over 600 painted 28mm figures, (most of them mounted on 1/4" fender washers for bases.). So this was going to be a bit of a job I thought.

The Display Case...

Some of the many figures needing to be packed and ready for transport. 

Oddly enough this was simpler than it seemed.
A while back, (Sept 9, 2016 to be exact), I made a purchase of some IRIS scrapbook cases at Hobby Lobby. I had waited until I caught them on sale and then went in whole hog. Unfortunately "whole hog" in this case was only six, (for a total of eight that I ended up having).
These cases by IRIS (They are advertised as holding 12" X 12" stuff but their actual measurements are 14 5/16" X 14 1/8" X 3 1/8" in size). Unfortunately, since this Covid 19 mess, the Arts and Crafts stores have gotten a little pricey and these things were always pricey, (hence my one time purchase and HL and only then on 50% off days), at usually anywhere from 8-15 bucks a pop. So imagine my surprise when a certain office supply store had these on sale at 6 for 28.95.  So yeah I jumped and ordered a dozen, and strangely enough the USPS (not Amazon), had both boxes on my door in less than a full week.

 These items are study; opaque but clear enough that you can see what is in them, and easy to work with. They are "slick" plastic though. To keep the figures in the case, I also bought some adhesive magnetic rolls.

 By cutting the rolls in half, you can do two boxes with 12 X 12 inch squares. SUGGESTION: To get a better adhesive grip, wipe the inside of the case with a rag wet with rubbing alcohol, and let dry. This removes the oils from the plastic, and provides a better grip for the adhesive.
Cut the adhesive and slowly apply in the middle of the box. You will have about an 1/8th to a 1/4 in gap space on either side if done correctly, (Depending on the magnetic sheet).

Not too shabby to hold the figures in, and pretty easy to do, even for me!

Two of the finished cases awaiting figures.

So, at this point you can begin to load up figures.
Each case can take 144 28mm figures that are on 1/4" fender washer bases, (12 rows of 12). 
Larger and smaller washer bases will be different.

And in they go....

144 figures per case...not bad...

Once they are done, 2-3 layers of soft bubble wrap is placed on top of the figures to hold them in place and the top is then closed.
Easy peasy....

Quick and relatively painless storage and transport of figures.

I was surprised as it only took four cases to do the entire shelf, (well a good 95%). There are some figures in there that are not on the fender washer bases and thus will be individually wrapped and bagged before being stored. But overall the process was quick and relatively painless.  I still have the other cases to mount my painting queue figures in, and eventually once we are moved and the "Man-Cave", is up and running, these cases will be converted over to troop storage for my 15mm stuff and my vehicles, (which seem to be constantly growing.) 
On a sad note, my once stuffed full display case, is now looking sad and lonely and very, very, empty....

Waiting to be restocked with figures again...hopefully, one day soon....

More to come!

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