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Thursday, May 21, 2020

So I did a stupid thing....

So at the beginning of May when we decided to move, my wonderful wife (Gawd bless her!), discussed the fact that "When we move, I will need a man cave."  Now in "woman speak" that could mean "Sweetie, let's get all of your gaming stuff in an area where you can play and paint and have yourself "your space".); OR in some cases it is "We need to find a place for you to store all of this silly crap and not have it clog up the house like it has been."
Thankfully, mine was the former.
During this time, a stupid idea flowed into my head.
"While I am getting all of this stuff together, why not go ahead and count it all out and inventory it and see what I have?"
Sigh...I never learn do I?
The last time I entered into this blog o' mine that I did (or even attempted to do) an inventory was 6 June 2014, and the number came out to around 872....
"So!" sez I. "I'm going to sit down and count my 28's..."
My wife smiles. "Your 15mm needs to be counted also."
"No woman!" I say, wagging my finger at her. "That way lies madness!"
"And your 20mm needs counting, as well as your micro armor, etc..."
I sighed.
So I started counting.
And counting.
And counting.

After about a week, I finally stopped counting....
The current (mostly accurate tally) is:  6134
Yes that is correct. Six thousand, one hundred, and thirty four unpainted figures.
This includes all the lead and the plastic, and the Reaper Bones IV KS, but it does NOT include the Reaper Bones V KS that will be arrived next year and will add another 4-500 figures to my horde.

The number makes me blink.
So then I broke it down:

Fantasy: Regular Size:     527
Fantasy: Large:                25
Pulp/Retro/Interwar:        88
RCW:                               323
Western/ACW:                 189
Victorian/Colonials:         200
Horror/Gothic:                 77
WW1/WW2:                    22
SYW/AWI/18th Cent:      29
Pirates:                            249
Sci-Fi:                              16
Modern:                           7
Gangsters:                      59
Misc: (animals, etc):       119

Vietnam:                      191
(This includes figures, vehicles, etc)

Vietnam:                      246
WWII:                         121
ACW:                          413
AK47/Modern:            637
Sci-Fi:                         141
Misc:                           14
19th Cent/Colonials:   10
Zombies:                     21
Napoleonic:                 83
Ancients:                     14
Medieval:                    3
Wheeled:                     15
Tracked:                      27
Aircraft:                      9

Micro Armor:              52
Dystopian Wars:         7
Wooden Ships:            1

So there it is...
The breakdown.

So I decided to work this formula...
"If I was able to sit down and paint four figures a day, every day with nothing else to do, it would take me 1,553.5 days to paint ALL of them."
So this would take me: 221.9 weeks to do them all.
This would be 4.26 YEARS....
And that is if I do NOT buy ANY MORE FIGURES...
And the Reaper KS V will be coming....
I'm going to go cry now...


Ray Rousell said...

Oh dear! Better get that brush out!

Simon said...

Sell some you do not need.

Dan Foley said...

Wow! I have to admire you for actually doing the count. I thought about doing one about a year ago and it was so overwhelming that I didn't start and I'm sure I'm nowhere near that number.

I guess some ways to look at it are;
4.5 years isn't that long it's like going back to college.
collecting is part of the hobby.
reduce the number of projects or limit their size.

I've used all three and ultimately it's my hobby and it makes me happy.