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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Building a Western Town: Redoing the Sheriff's Office...again....

Howdy once again dear reader!
As the month of January continues, I am also continuing to push to completion (once again) some very long and overdue projects. I've been on a roll working on my long overdue Western Town.
This months update is on the new workings on that building that has plagued me; The Sheriff's Office and Jail.

Back in June of 2017, I had started working on the Sheriff's Office and Jail for my town. The building was one of the old TCL kits that Knuckleduster had offered before bringing up their own line of buildings. I will admit that I do like these kits from TCL as they are so easy to modify.

I didn't like the original jail idea though, (one big cell in the back), and so I decided to modify it by making two cells. The picture shows the process and you can see the idea I had.

Unfortunately that didn't work either.

So I set the building on the back-burner and there is has remained for the last five years.

Until this past week.

While on my binge of "finishing up long delayer projects", (Mostly buildings, and of them, mostly Western buildings), my wife suggested for me to do an "extension of the building.

"Hmmm.." sez I.

So with idea in my head, and wood, pencil, and trusty Dremel tool, I've sat down and started slowly working it.

The building will be an L shape, with two small cells and one larger "Drunk tank" at the end. It's a slow process to make sure that everything measures up, but so far so good.

The jail cell bars are going to be 1/16" brass rods. These are easy to work with.

I'll keep you informed as to how the progress is going.

The pics below show the building in it's original format, the planned changed of two cells, and then latest modifications.

(Click on the pic for larger versions)

(This was the stock TCL kit in building form)...

(With the jail cell wall which made one big jail cell....sigh...)

(A back shot of the building showing the cell, and the "wood/stone" work on the outer walls...)

(A close up of the actual jail cell bars and door...)

(This is the first modification that I tried. Two small cells with a cell door and wall. The cells were too small and could barely hold a 28mm based figure...hmmm...need to go back to the drawing board....)

(I will admit that it does look kinda nice but just didn't do what I needed it to do for me....)

(So here we are five years later...LATER! And I am once again at work here. The new idea is to simple take out the cells, dividing wall, and one part of the back wall, and scratch build and extension of sorts to the existing building making an L shape.)

(The wall is cut for the entrance to the new section.)

(3/32" basswood is being used for the walls. Each one a little over 2" in height.)

(The walls, cell doors, floor, and roof sections to the jail. The brickwork was done in pencil and then scribed with my trust Dremel.)

(A close up showing the brickwork, and the floor settings for the bars.)

Hang onto your hats folks, because there is more to come as this project moves forward!
Thanks for reading!

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Jason said...

Watching to see the progress, the new walls look good.