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Sunday, November 30, 2008

An update, projects, and more figs on order!

This morning I woke up to the sight of a slightly white powdered ground as a light dusting of snow had fallen during the night.
Hmmm...for some reason, it got me to thinking about "American Revolution", or "AWI".
Strangely enough, this is a genre that I am interested in getting into, but at the same time, I have so many right now, I don't know if/when I will get the time.

During this time period, (Thanksgiving, etc.), I made an enormous order from Brookhurst, (aka Peter Pig Figs)...
Here's what I ordered:
17-37 Reg G3/SLR Beret (X2)
17-52 Prof/Reg Beret (X2)
17-31 TV Media
17-56 Professional w LAWS
17-67 MG Gunners and MGs
17-128 US Inf. Adv (X2)
17-129 US Inf. Firing (X2)
17-130 US M16 Kneeling (X2)
17-131 M203 Firing
17-132 M203 Signalling
17-133 SAW Gun Firing
17-134 SAW Gun Adv
17-135 AT4
17-136 Command
17-137 Dead (X2)
17-138 M240MG (X2)
17-139 US Inf prone (X2)
17-140 US 50 Cal MG Teams
17-110 French Foreign Legion Beret
8-39 Partisan Resistance
14-8 Camp Followers

Hmmm...does anyone see a pattern here for troops? (If you said US, then you are correct...) With a 25% off sale, I couldn't help but go ahead and get the initial setups for my USMC troops.
I REALLY need to get to building that MEU..., plus I picked up some beret figures to build a special set of mercenaries that I want to build.
And along with the Camp Followers, (I'm thinking more refugees...what's a crisis in Africa without fleeing hordes of civilians?), and more media, (gotta win that Pulitzer that's for sure).

So 29 Packs equals out to about another 232 odd figures, and my current count is at 1482, (not including the Clan War mini I want to get rid of), and the Sebeki Crypt Lord that my compadre Alex Bates sent me.

Hmmmm....perhaps this is the season to be merry...with Christmas sales and stuff, I can finally afford to get some of the good toys and help even out my "needs"....

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Alex said...

Yeah! *whip crack*

Paint that Crypt Lord!