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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Greetings and The Very First Post!!!

Wow...thanks to the fine fellows at TMP, (Der Alte Fritz, Lord Ashram, and others), whose creative talent and genius have inspired me to do the same thing...start yet another miniature gaming blog!
And here we are.

This blog is going to simply be a chronicle of my adventures, misadventures, quest for glory, ridiculous vanity, and life in general. Althought mostly focused around this life-long obsessive hobby of mine, (Which the fairer sex calls "Little Toy Soldiers", when in reality we know they are called "Historical Miniature Figurines") that is known as "Historical Miniature Wargaming, I will also foray off into things such as ACW reenacting, road trips, and things in life in general that make living the better for it, (such as fine wines, rums, good food, and the good cigar!).

Please feel welcome to visit this site at anytime and comment. This site is as much for you dear reader as it is for me.


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