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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My favorite games...

Okay now dear reader...Now that this thing is "officially launched", lets get down to business.
My favorite games (in miniature), are the following:
1: AK47 Republic (15mm).
2: Charlie Company (20mm Vietnam).
3: 15mm American Civil War. ( I still use the old "Rally Round The Flag rules), but have figs based for JRII/JRIII and F&F instead.
4: GUTSHOT! (Well duh!)
5: Pirate Games
6: Pulp Games
7: 1/285 Modern Micro Armor, (wish I could find a good set of rules out there...)

As you can see I am pretty much all over the place when it comes to games. When it comes to them, I would still like to get into:
2: SYW
3: 28MM Moderns
4: Age of Sail
5: Colonials
6: WWI Aerial
7: WWI in general
8: WWI-WWII Naval Warfare...

Yes..sadly enough, it's true. One can spend an entire lifetime devoted to these little figures and systems and never "Have enough". But that's the glory of it.

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