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Friday, August 8, 2008

What's on the Painting Table?

Well, it's Friday and time for me to update this thing here. I got up early today and got myself on a painting binge. I decided to get some figs on the table and some paint on the figs. Lord knows it's been a while and some of my stuff was getting pretty dusty...
After putting the figs on that I need to paint "for this round", I did a quick count.
  • 159 15mm Peter Pig AK47 Figures in various states of completion.
  • 10 28mm Pulp figs in various states of completion.
  • 3 20mm Vietcong (local).
  • 3 28mm Old West Gunfighters.
TOTAL: 175 figs...
And that's just the tip of the iceberg!
So I decided to get some photos, so I can do the "before" and "after" stuff.
Here's the first photo, showing the entire group on the table.

Figs that need painting...just this round...yeesh!

Can you ever REALLY have enough 15mm figs???

Not just personnel but support weapons too!

15mm Peter Pig Media and 15mm Rebel Minis Zombies...(Zombies???...oh dear)

15mm Sniper, 20mm VC, 28mm Pulp figs and 28mm Cowboys...what an eclectic bunch!

I was also able to get some other things finished this morning and will be getting their photos onto the Bongolesia website since they are specifically Bongolesia oriented.

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