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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Industrial Progression, and Law Enforcement...scenics!

Well it's been a few busy days for me here, as I am in the process of job hunting and doing the interview thing. Plus I have an ACW event this upcoming weekend in Knightstown, so I doubt if I will get much gaming stuff done, and more stuff for the little old site here.
However here are some recent things I have finished this past weekend.
First off, the sign for "Perverticus Industries", and their newest acquisition...ahem..."slightly used" Storage Tanks!
For more information on this, check out for all the juicy details.

(Ahhhh yes...the smell and sights of "Progress in 3rd World Nations...far from those pesky health and environmental regulations that so slows things down...)

(Really...just cut the grass, add a little paint here and there, and no one will notice the seepage into the ground, or the green stuff dripping...)

(Even third world hellholes needs some form of "Law Enforcement", and what better way to "Keep Law and Order" without a Police Station, complete with chain link fencing over the windows...)
(Unfortunately the police are often busy and can't be bothered to keep their building looking spic and span...)
I'll be truthful though. The police station was an idea that I borrowed from another site, and it was one of those 'yeah yeah whatever projects", you know, the kind that is always there and waiting to be worked on and finished, but you just put it aside and then find yourself working on it when there is absolutely NOTHING else to work on...
But it's done now.
I'm hoping to get some pics of my scratchbuilt ship up soon and some more pics of my figs. The 15mm ones are coming along quite nicely, and I look forward to working on the pulp figs here real soon!

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